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Starting Sequence - Thursday's Class Racing

Order Of Starts

Races shall be started by using the following signals.
Times shall be taken from the visual signals; the absence of a sound signal shall be disregarded.
(Racing Rules of Sailing 2021-2024, Part 3 - Conduct of a race, #26)


Starting signals will be made at two minute intervals (4 - 2 - GO).

(a) Series A, B, C, D, E, S, and 100 will be fleet starts in the following order:

    • Handicap fleet (Code Flag ‘F’),
    • Streaker (Code Flag ‘W’),
    • Enterprise (Code Flag ‘E’),
    • GP14 (Code Flag ‘A’);

Note the handicap fleet may be scored as 2 separate classes: Fast Handicap and Slow Handicap.
In the months of April and September there will be a single start but scored as in class racing.

(b) The Crews’ Race will compete in a separate race on a Thursday evening.

(c) The Ladies’ Race will compete as part of Thursday evening series racing but scored as a handicap fleet with a separate start.

Minutes Before
Starting Signal
Visual Signal Sound
T - 10 minutes      One   Handicap class flag raised  
T - 8 minutes  One   Preparatory flag & Streaker class flag raised  
T - 6 minutes  One   Handicap class flag lowered & Enterprise class flag raised
(Handicap Fleet Start)
T - 4 minutes  One   Streaker class flag lowered & GP14 class flag raised
(Streaker Fleet Start)
T - 2 minutes      One   Enterprise class flag & Preparatory flag lowered
(Enterprise Class Start)
T - 0 minutes        One   GP14 class flag lowered
(GP14 Class Start)

Recall Signals

Individual Recall   Flag raised + Sound (x1)
General Recall   Flag raised + Sound (x2), Warning signal will be made 1 minute after removal.

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