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All dinghy and tidal series racing will be governed by the Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS), the rules of the appropriate Class Association (except as any of these are changed by these sailing instructions) and by these sailing instructions. Separate sailing instructions will be issued for offshore passage racing and Open Events.


2.1 INSURANCE AND LAKE LICENCE All boats shall hold a current class certificate and third party insurance for at least £5,000,000 and, for races held on the Marine Lake, a current Lake Licence.

2.2 HELM ELIGIBILITY Helms must be members of WLYC to be eligible for club dinghy and tidal racing trophies/awards, or members of either the WLYC or SSC to enter the Joint One Day Event racing (except as stated in 2.3 below). Helms competing in the Junior Handicap Series or for Junior trophies/awards must be under the age of 19 on the 31st December of the sailing year.

2.3 VISITING HELMS Bona fide visitors may be eligible to race at the discretion of the Sailing Committee or Officer of the Day, but will not be scored.

2.4 SIGNING ON Eligible Helms shall enter the class, sail number, helm and crew details on the race sheet (located adjacent to the Club Notice Board) before racing. Junior helms intending to sail in the Junior handicap series should sign on in the appropriate section on the race sheet.

2.5 CREWS’ RACE The Crews’ Race is for members who have crewed regularly during the season and have not helmed in more than 6 club races since 1st January prior to the Race. Boats competing in the Crews’ Race shall be awarded average points for a series race that is raced at the same time. No other club race will sail concurrent with the Crews’ Race

2.6 LADIES’ RACE Double handed boats must be helmed by a Lady member but may have a male crew. Helms competing in the Ladies’ Race shall be awarded average points for the series race that is raced at the same time. No other club race will sail concurrent with the Ladies’ Race

2.7 LASER – VARIATION OF SAIL PLAN Laser helms may choose to sail with Laser Standard, Radial or 4.7 rigs in class racing, where appropriate PY will be applied in each race. In class racing all Lasers will start together, regardless of rig. In class and handicap racing the use of a Radial or 4.7 rig shall be indicated when signing on otherwise the standard handicaps will be applied.

2.8 RACE MANAGERS The Officer of the Day (OoD), Assistant (AOD) and safety boat personnel will be eligible to be counted as entrants for each race they help to manage and may count such races towards qualifying for a series. They will be awarded average points (see 11.5).

Race officers should record on the OOD’s record sheet each race for which they require average points.


3.1 PERSONAL BUOYANCY All lake users shall wear adequate personal buoyancy at all times when afloat. During the period from 1st November to 1st April wet suits or dry suits shall be worn in addition to personal buoyancy.

3.2 SAFETY ON THE WATER Any boat that is capsized, stranded or its crew are in the water for more than 10 minutes, shall be towed to safety. This is for the safety of that competitor and the safety of the rest of the fleet racing.


4.1 NOTICE BOARD All notices, the course, the declaration sheet and results will be displayed on, or adjacent to, the Club Notice Board which is situated between the accessible toilet and the bar or our website.

4.2 FLAG SIGNALS, other than shorten course signals, will be displayed from the Committee Boat which will fly the WLYC burgee for identification.

4.3 ALTERATIONS TO INSTRUCTIONS The race committee reserves the right to alter, amend or add to these Sailing Instructions by notice posted on the Club Notice Board not later than 20 minutes before the start of any race. Any change in the schedule of races will be posted on the Club Notice Board at least five days before it will take effect. Competitors will be responsible for acquainting themselves with any such amendments, etc.


5.1 THE COURSE and number of laps for each fleet will be displayed at least ten minutes before the start of each race. All course marks shall be rounded on the required side and in the correct order shown.

5.2 CHANGE OF COURSE If a displayed course is amended shortly before the start of a race to which it applies, attention will be drawn to the amendment by displaying code flag ‘C’ accompanied by two sound signals.

5.3 OUT OF BOUNDS The area of the lake to the north east of an imaginary line between the slipway on the north west shore and the end of the breakwater (extending from the Promenade opposite) is sometimes out of bounds, and the line bounding this area will rank as an obstruction. However, provided there are no ski / power boats on the lake, at the sole discretion of the OoD the area may be used

5.5 VESSELS RESTRICTED IN THEIR ABILITY TO MANOEUVRE The Southport Belle and other craft operated by The Lake Licensee shall be regarded as a vessel restricted in her ability to manoeuvre and as such dinghies shall keep out of her way.


RRS Rule 26 (Starting Races) is varied as follows:

6.1 TIME OF START The start time of the first race will be as stated in the Sailing Calendar in the Club Handbook. Any subsequent start times will be after a convenient interval. A boat shall not start later than two minutes after her starting signal.

6.2 THE STARTING LINE A line joining a pole or mast flying the Club Burgee and a white mark, or a transit from the control tower to a white mark. The start line may also be limited by a white inner distance mark, in which case boats shall sail between the inner and outer distance marks when approaching the starting line from the pre-course side to start. Starting line buoys will be marks of the course at the start only.

6.3 THURSDAY EVENING starting signals will be made at two minute intervals (4 - 2 - GO).

(a) Series A, B, C, D, E, S, and 100 will be fleet starts in the following order:

Handicap fleet (Code Flag ‘F’)

Streaker (Code Flag ‘W’)

Enterprise (Code Flag ‘E’)

then GP14 (Code Flag ‘A’)

In the months of April and September there will be a single start but scored as in class racing.

(b) The Crews’ Race will compete in a separate race on a Thursday evening scored as a handicap fleet.

(c) The Ladies’ Race will compete as part of Thursday evening series racing but will have a separate start and scored as a handicap fleet.

6.4 SATURDAY SERIES RACING starting signals will be made at two minute intervals (4 - 2 - GO).

(a) There will be a single start for both the Main and Junior fleets scored as handicap racing. At the discretion of the OoD all the Junior fleet may sail one lap less than the Main fleet.

(b) If there are too many boats for a long start line then, at the discretion of the OoD, the Main and Junior fleets may be separate class starts with a two minute interval.

6.5 RECALLS If one or more boats are over the line at the start, a further sound signal will be given and Code Flag ‘X’ will be displayed, until such boats have returned and started to the satisfaction of the race officer or two minutes have elapsed, whichever is the earlier. Recall numbers will not be displayed. This varies RRS Rule 29.1.

6.6 GENERAL RECALL To indicate a general recall two further sound signals will be given and the “First Substitute” displayed until one minute before the fresh Preparatory Signal. Any subsequent starts will also be affected by the general recall. The “Rounding an End” requirement of RRS Rule 30.1 will apply to all subsequent starts for the recalled fleet. No signal will be displayed or otherwise made to indicate the start of the one minute interval before the new preparatory signal.

6.7 POSTPONEMENT A postponed race will, if possible, be re-sailed on a date fixed either by the Sailing Committee or one of the Captains and a notice shall be posted on the Club Notice Board at least five days before the re-sailed date.


7.1 THE FINISH LINE will be either:

(a) a line joining the outer white painted upright post on the race movable white post and a white buoy, or

(b) a line joining the mast of the Committee Boat and a white buoy or:

(c) a line transit from the control tower and a white buoy.

The white finish buoy will be a mark of the course at the finish only,

7.2 SHORTENING COURSE Two sound signals will be given and code flag ‘S’ displayed close to the mark at which the course is to be shortened. All boats should then round the mark and sail directly to the finish line. A shorten course signal intended to apply only to one fleet will be accompanied by the appropriate code flag.

This varies RRS Rule 32.

7.3 TIME LIMIT A time limit of 15 minutes for class racing and 30 minutes for handicap racing shall apply after the leading boat in each fleet has finished. Any boat not finished by this time will be deemed to have retired.

This varies RRS Rule 35.


The two-turns penalty as defined in RRS Rule 44.2 will apply.


Notice of intent to protest shall be given to the race officer immediately upon coming ashore. Protests shall be written on the forms available from the race officer. Completed forms shall be handed to the race Officer within 30 minutes of completion of the days racing.


A Boat that retires from a race shall not pass through the finish line. If retiring after finishing, the OOD must be informed.


One starter shall constitute a race for club series racing; however more than one dinghy will be required to race in a trophy race.

11.1 RACES TO COUNT The number of races to count in each series shall be half-plus-one (rounded down if necessary to a whole number) of the total number of races sailed.

11.2 RACE POINTS The Low Points System RRS Appendix A4.1 shall apply.

11.3 RACE POINTS – HANDICAP RACING Any change of class in a handicap series will be treated as a separate entry.

11.4 TIE BREAKS Ties shall be broken in accordance with RRS Appendix A8.

11.5 AVERAGE POINTS will be calculated for eligible helms by taking the total of the points scored in a series for the races actually helmed, divided by that number actually helmed.


By signing on for each race competitors agree to accept all liability for taking part in that race. West Lancashire Yacht Club does not accept any liability for injury or damage or loss of any kind arising out of its racing activities. Nothing done by the organisers can reduce the responsibility of the boat nor will it make the organisers responsible for any loss, damage, death, or personal injury, however it may have occurred, as a result of the boat taking part in the racing. The organisers encompass everyone helping to run the race and the event, and include the organising authority, the race committee, the race officer, safety boats, and beach masters.


To meet RYA requirements there will be a “Race Committee” which shall consist of the Offshore Captain, Dinghy Captain and the Officer of the Day. A quorum of two may be formed.


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