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RRS Rule 26 (Starting Races) is varied as follows:


The start time of the first race will be as stated in the Sailing Calendar in the Club Handbook. Any subsequent start times will be after a convenient interval. A boat shall not start later than two minutes after her starting signal.


A line joining a pole or mast flying the Club Burgee and a white mark, or a transit from the control tower to a white mark. The start line may also be limited by a white inner distance mark, in which case boats shall sail between the inner and outer distance marks when approaching the starting line from the pre-course side to start.

Starting line buoys will be marks of the course at the start only.


Starting signals will be made at two minute intervals (4 - 2 - GO).

  1. Series A, B, C, D, E, S, and 100 will be fleet starts in the following order: Handicap fleet (Code Flag ‘F’), Enterprise (Code Flag ‘E’), then GP14 (Code Flag ‘A’); note the handicap fleet may be scored as 2 separate classes: Fast Handicap and Slow Handicap. In the months of April and September there will be a single start but scored as in class racing.
  2. The Crews’ Race will compete in a separate race on a Thursday evening.
  3. The Ladies’ Race will compete as part of Thursday evening series racing but scored as a handicap fleet with a separate start.


Starting signals will be made at two minute intervals (4 - 2 - GO).

  1. There will be a single start and scored as handicap racing.
  2. If there are too many starters for a long start line then, at the discretion of the OoD, the racing may be separate class starts


Shall use the 5-4-1-0 sequence for the start. In the event there are more than 3 dinghies of the same class on the tidal course then those dinghies will race as a class; the remainder will remain in a handicap fleet. The general Handicap fleet will use Code Flag ‘F’.


If one or more boats are over the line at the start, a further sound signal will be given and Code Flag ‘X’ will be displayed, until such boats have returned and started to the satisfaction of the race officer or two minutes have elapsed, whichever is the earlier. Recall numbers will not be displayed.

This varies RRS Rule 29.1.


To indicate a general recall two further sound signals will be given and the “First Substitute” displayed until one minute before the fresh Preparatory Signal. Any subsequent starts will also be affected by the general recall. The “Rounding an End” requirement of RRS Rule 30.1 will apply to all subsequent starts for the recalled fleet. No signal will be displayed or otherwise made to indicate the start of the one minute interval before the new preparatory signal.


A postponed race will, if possible, be re-sailed on a date fixed either by the Sailing Committee or one of the Captains and a notice shall be posted on the Club Notice Board at least five days before the re-sailed date.

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